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April 24, 2012

TWI Job Relations Session 1

By Pat Boutier April 24, 2012

Management Culture or Cultural Engineering & TWI Job Relations Blog

Please read and answer the two questions below:

Why do managers think they don’t need to learn how to deal with employees?

Do any of the numbered items below ring through with yourself, or with managers you have observed?

1)”Basically if a manager has treated one personnel problem successfully, he thinks everyone should be able to handle it too.”

2) “Everyone has had a tremendous amount of personnel training, they should know how to deal with people problems.”

3)  “I just wish they would all grow up and behave.”

4) “We don’t have any real personnel problems, everyone is happy to have a job.”

5) “Management doesn’t have it on their priority list.”

A- Myself: please select one or more of the numbered responses, 1-5:

B- My management: please select one or more of the numbered responses, 1-5

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