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April 24, 2012

TWI Job Relations Session 1

By Pat Boutier April 24, 2012

Management Culture or Cultural Engineering & TWI Job Relations Blog

Please read and answer the two questions below:

Why do managers think they don’t need to learn how to deal with employees?

Do any of the numbered items below ring through with yourself, or with managers you have observed?

1)”Basically if a manager has treated one personnel problem successfully, he thinks everyone should be able to handle it too.”

2) “Everyone has had a tremendous amount of personnel training, they should know how to deal with people problems.”

3)  “I just wish they would all grow up and behave.”

4) “We don’t have any real personnel problems, everyone is happy to have a job.”

5) “Management doesn’t have it on their priority list.”

A- Myself: please select one or more of the numbered responses, 1-5:

B- My management: please select one or more of the numbered responses, 1-5

January 25, 2011

Is China’s Threat to US manufacturing over?

By Pat Boutier January 25, 2011

The West has lost a tremendous amount of manufacturing jobs to China over the past 30 years.

We see the results in our economy everyday illustrated by employment indicators.  In the same time period we have seen the productivity of remaining US manufacturing show increases. Still, there are many who may think that increased productivity isn’t important anymore as the China threat of low wages has neared its peak and will now even out.

Before you make up your mind, take a look at a recent article, China’s New Guru of Productivity, from last month’s Wall Street Journal. This is just one more indication to me that China and the rest of the world is still working diligently to increase their manufacturing capacity and quality.  What does that mean to remaining manufacturing within the US and to future US manufacturing?

Let me know your thoughts.

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Toyota Kata = TWI?

By Pat Boutier January 25, 2011
Cover of Mike Rother's Book "Toyota Kata"

Cover of "Toyota Kata"

I’ve been reading Mike Rother’s latest book, Toyota Kata.  It looks like it actually is describing the TWI (Training Within Industry) Methodology to a “T” !

I haven’t noticed that he has mentioned TWI in his book (remember I haven’t read the book itself, yet).

Any thoughts and comparisons?

November 12, 2010

I hate managing people!

By Pat Boutier November 12, 2010
working together

Photo by: United States Department of Labor

Managing people is always about politics, isn’t it?

It is, if we believe interpersonal relationships are always someone else’s responsibility.   

 “I’ll ignore it for now; it will stop being a problem soon.”

We tend to think that our involvement requires too much time and uncomfortable discussions with people.

I’m just too busy to spend my time on little stuff like that.”

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