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Fix Quality Issues

Consumers and OEM’s expect 100% quality. TMAC offers a suite of services to address the processes, people, and equipment that effect quality. Our training and implementation assistance is designed to develop your in-house expertise that allows for the maintenance and sustainability of a world class operation. TMAC is also available to help solve reoccurring issues. Our Quality Specialist have years of experience in determining root cause and applying statistical analysis to eliminate variation.

Quality Management Systems

Implementing a Quality management system establishes the policies and procedures necessary to produce quality products. TMAC offers a unique approach to ISO implementation and registration that is customized to each company's needs. Learn more.

Lean Asset Management

When equipment and facilities are not used effectively, it often results in insufficient capacity and causes overtime, additional equipment purchases, poor customer satisfaction and even facility expansion. Lean Asset Management offerings are geared to making the most effective use of machines and equipment, and facilities to allow the greatest throughput with the least amount of capital investment.Learn more.

Basic Problem Solving

TMAC's Problem Solving Training teaches the background and skills necessary to lead a structured, team-based approach to alleviate chronic problems within an organization, as well as prevent potential problems from occurring. This training includes Root Cause Analysis so that issues are fully understood, making a permanent resolution possible. Learn more.

Lean Expert Development

Lean Experts are defined as those possessing the technical skills of various lean approaches, techniques, and tools. Their role is to be an internal technical resource used to identify lean opportunities, guide implementations of various projects, and develop others in their understanding of lean concepts and tools. Learn more.

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