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Improve Productivity

Whether it is identifying bottle necks, time traps, or non-value added work, TMAC has a host of tools that will cut time out of your process and save you money. Our track record is outstanding. Typical customers experience 30% to 100% increases in productivity.

Lean Enterprise

Better. Faster. Cheaper. In today’s competitive world, it’s more important than ever to provide a quality product, at a low cost, faster than ever before. But how? Companies all over the world implementing a Lean Enterprise Operating System to achieve astounding results like these:

  • 30% - 100% Increased Throughput
  • 30% - 100% Increased Productivity
  • 30% - 80% Reduced Inventories
  • 0% - 80% Reduced Time-to-Customer for Order Fulfillment
  • 30% - 50% Reduced Time-to-Market for Product Innovation
  • Dramatically Improved Delivery Performance

Learn more about Lean on our Lean Services page.

Lean Leadership

Implementing lean practices is a managed process that requires clear leadership, a defined plan, coordination of resources, and robust support systems to assure transformation. Lean leadership and management offerings are intended to equip those leading the lean enterprise with the necessary skills to achieve long term success in pursuing lean as a strategic initiative. Learn more.

Lean Asset Management

When equipment and facilities are not used effectively, it often results in insufficient capacity and causes overtime, additional equipment purchases, poor customer satisfaction and even facility expansion. Lean Asset Management offerings are geared to making the most effective use of machines and equipment, and facilities to allow the greatest throughput with the least amount of capital investment. Learn more.

Lean Experts

Lean Experts are defined as those possessing the technical skills of various lean approaches, techniques, and tools. Their role is to be an internal technical resource used to identify lean opportunities, guide implementations of various projects, and develop others in their understanding of lean concepts and tools. Learn more.

Lean Work Force

Lean workforce practices are those regular, routine activities executed by front-line workers and leads (supervisors). These practices form the foundation of continual improvement cycles outside of formal events, and are considered to be the foundation of the lean approach to enterprise transformation. They position the company to take advantage of small, systematic, incremental improvements that collectively provide the greatest impact on business objectives and goals, and focus on the 3 key elements to lean – Discipline, Elimination of Waste, and Standardization. They include 5S, TWI, Problem Solving & Mistake Proofing, and Teams. Learn more.

Lean Production and Material Logistics

Lean production and material logistics is the backbone of the lean enterprise. It includes basic introduction to lean concepts and tools, and techniques to flowing the product at the demand of the internal and external customer. This includes Pull/Kanban, Cellular Flow, and Work Measurement & Time Studies. Learn More.

Lean Office and Admin

Office processes are vital to the successful transformation of the value stream and are often the best target for impacting cost, quality, and delivery. While the concepts, tools, and techniques used to transform production are also applied equally well in transactional office processes, the offerings included here are designed to relate specifically to the front-office and other non-production audience. Learn more.

Quality Management

Fixing quality issues is essential to maintaining productivity. TMAC offers a unique approach to ISO implementation and registration that is customized to each company's needs. If you are in the beginning phases of establishing a Quality Management System, TMAC provides a straightforward methodology to develop a quality policy manual, procedures, work instructions, and all required forms/records. Examples and templates are provided as needed. For companies with existing Quality Management Systems, TMAC can perform a Gap Analysis to determine where you are in relation to the standard and a plan to close the gap. Learn more.

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