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R&D Tax Credit

The 2008 TARP bill Congress passed in October 2008 contained a line item tax credit for manufacturers who have implemented process improvements or R&D. The credit is retroactive for open tax years plus 2009. Manufacturers that spent employee time and out-of-pocket expenses implementing Lean, ISO, new dies, new raw materials or new equipment are eligible for the credit. R&D also qualifies for the credit. TMAC provides a free, no obligation assessment to any interested company.

Financial Fundamentals

The Income/Outcome 6-hour workshop uses a fast-paced business simulation to teach management and employees how to make wise financial decisions to increase cash, sales revenue and profits.

Participants form teams to learn how to create, read, interpret and use their team’s Balance Sheet, Income Statement and financial ratios. Within the first 15-minutes of the workshop everyone is creating their own Balance Sheet!

  • Participants compete with other teams to win sales orders by creating bids based on sales price, payment terms, capacity or product features.
  • Participants are given options to invest in Lean, Quality, product customization, alternative raw material or increased capacity.
  • Participants learn the positive and negative consequences of their decisions as well as the other teams.
  • Everyone has the satisfaction of watching their financial statements emerge on the simple game board.
  • Participants engage in the day-to-day activities necessary to sustain a business such as purchasing, collections, payables, debt management and financial reports while working within a team building environment.
  • Income/Outcome is not an accounting class. Instead it teaches everyone how to positively impact accounting reports.
  • The team with the most Retained Earnings at the end of the workshop wins the game.

Who Should Attend:
Business Owners, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Plant Managers, Supervisors, Managers, Lean implementers, Sales & Marketing staff, Accounting & Admin staff


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