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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Training

TMAC delivers training on supply chain management to all levels of staff. Curriculum can include defining  the supply chain, its components, and how they are related. Live simulations help participants to understand the importance of supply chain integration.  The material teaches the impact of demand on the supply chain and the competitive advantages and optimization that can result from managing demand across organizations. This training defines value from the perspective of the customer.

Supply Chain Development

TMAC works with manufacturers to develop supply chains. Our focus is on optimizing the flow of materials and resources to a facility to create a competitive advantage. Whether your decisions are strategic or tactical, TMAC has the expertise and the relationships to assist you. 

Supplier Development

TMAC works with OEMs  on development initiatives to enhance the efficiency and reliability of their suppliers. We offer a consistent methodology to implementing Lean Enterprise and Quality standards that ensures dispersed facilities get the same training . Our experienced professionals use an approach that generates trust on both sides. As an affiliate of the largest nationwide network of manufacturing consultants, TMAC gives you the ability to launch a development initiative  across the united states.

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