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Workforce Solutions

TMAC’s approach and methodology creates productive, engaged workers. All of our services are designed to add skills to the workforce, develop in-house expertise, and facilitate communication between management and the front line. Our Workforce Solutions group offers several programs aimed at supervisor devlopment, team building, and basic problem solving skills.

Click on a program to learn about the impact each solution can have on your organization:





















Supervisor Training

TWI is a highly effective program to provide managers and supervisors with a model for teaching new skills. Find out how Job Methods, Job Instruction, and Job Relations can impact the speed and thoroughness your workforce learns new skills.

Team Building

Effective team participation is critical to unleashing to power of group dynamics in problem solving. Learn how TMAC can help you get the most out of your group.


Problem Solving

Don’t let your operators become experts at fixing rather than preventing the problems. TMAC offers a hands-on training that provides the background and skills to detect potential problems and alleviate chronic failures.


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